Conodont Element Models

Conodont element morphology is often difficult to communicate, and systematic comparisons are hampered. Educators and professionals would benefit from scientifically accurate models that could be held in the hand. The original x140 models are handmade wax, with final plastic versions made in a silicone mold. Multiple view electron microscope photographs are used to produce the wax model.

The wax models are built up in layers, and polished after final tooling. Molds are two piece shelled silicone, and can be used to make many copies.

I work with three views: top, bottom, and one side. Both sides, and both ends, would be of great benefit. The process can also be applied to most other microfossils. Colors can be varied based on available pigments.

 If  I have to make a wax original and mold it's $180 to create one, and you get two finished casts. The cost for existing elements that I already have a mold for is $20 each.  All prices are in U.S. funds + GST.

Existing Mold List


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