Fossil Preparation

I provide  full preparatory services with  several air scribes from the smallest to the biggest as well as  air abrasive; most services are $25/hr.  However, if you are willing to wait I can do extremely detail oriented prep, and I would do this for a set sum as it can take some time. Most fossils require some stabilization, or gluing together broken parts, but I do not  polish fossils. It is important to tell me what you expect the fossil to look like; do you want it completely removed from the matrix or will it be a display piece to sit on a shelf.

I also need to know if you are you looking for anything specific, for example are you trying to determine a specific feature of a fossil. If you only have a partial fossil positive and a negative I can combine the fossil positive with cast of the negative.


Pulalius Vulgaris . this crab was photographed with an Ammonium chloride coating to show the surface details of the carapace.


Pulalius Vulgaris . this Eocene crab is 95mm x 50mm, the dorsal surface, claws and legs were exposed with air scribes.



Pulalius Vulgaris. the carapace is 30mm, and the claws were completely exposed with air abrasive and air scribes



Longusorbis cuniculosus. Late Cretaceous crabs from Vancouver Island



Paltechioceras sp. a Jurassic ammonite collected in some 20 pieces, and carefully reconstructed



Eubostrycoceras sp. Cretaceous ammonite turret from Vancouver Island exposing a folded over protoconch, exposed with air scribes




Merycoidodon sp. oreodonts were Oligocene mammals; this skull has been carefully cleaned  to show specific details



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