Scientific Casting


I provide full casting services. My casts have all the aspects and features of the originals, and can be used for educational purposes. Casts can be used when the original is rare or not permanently available for study, or a museum display.

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Caudipteryx zoui: This is a cast that I painted for a client





Eubostrycoceras japonicum: one piece resin cast with its original   [10.5 cm x 7cm x 3 cm].







 Lambeosaurus: the left foot was repaired and cast, also 3 thoracic ribs, 5 cervical ribs, and part of the pubis.





Osteolaemus tetraspis osborni : This Congo Dwarf Crocodile skull cast is one piece, the jaw is made in two sections and bonded together  [24 cm  x 9.5cm x 12.5cm].







Felies concolor: A young mountain lion with it's teeth erupting, the original skull is in front and the cast is in the back   [15.5cm x 10.2cm].







Ursus americanus: this American Black Bear skull cast has healed damage to the front of it's jaw   [31.5 cm x 19cm].



Merycoidodon culbertsoni
: one piece resin cast   [23cm x 11cm x 13.5].





Mesohippus :
two part fossil skull cast from an 80% complete skull [21 cm x 7cm x 13 cm]




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